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We deliver unmatched quality across a host of applications, no matter where in the world they are.

We design and manufacture a complete line of regulators, transducers, and servo pressure controllers, including both traditional and analog circuit card models, to suit a variety of process control applications found in automated manufacturing environments.

The need to control and monitor air pressure is found throughout the manufacturing and testing of automotive components, and in the function of finished products. From air bags to brakes to the sprayers used to paint parts, precision management of vacuum and pressure is critical to performance.

Corrosion-resistant products provide high performance and peak accuracy while standing up to the rigors, steam, and repeated cleanings of food processing environments.

Servo pressure controllers, including both traditional and analog circuit card models, serve a variety of HVAC applications.

Medical applications require precision, reliability, and safety, as do the manufacture of devices used in medical and dental fields. Bellofram Precision Control Devices provides these with regulators and controllers used in to make catheters and tubing, and for quality testing, extrusion, and molding.

For controlling temperature and flow, our solutions bring out the best in metal forming and stamping. Processes include cylinder speed control, gate valve pressure control, injection molding, welding assist, and more.

Pressure regulators, air relays, I/Ps, and other control devices maintain accurate process controls in extreme, repetitious environments to control pressure, tension, and torque.

Bellofram Precision Control Devices designs and manufactures high-precision voltage-to- pressure (E/P), current-to-pressure (I/P), and pressure-to-current (P/I) transducers for a variety of industrial and OEM applications.

Keep processes rolling. Regulate the speed, tension, and volume of rolls, along with force on press rollers, volume of surface sprays, and more.

Get the most out of the energy of tomorrow by efficiently capturing and regulating it today.

Heavy-duty sensors withstand harsh environments like those found in wastewater treatment applications. All products are calibrated to EPA standards.