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About Us

Bellofram Precision Controls engineers and manufactures products that excel in environments where high performance, long service life, and accuracy are critical to success. Our direct-acting, high-performance air pressure regulators offer precision control, high accuracy, maximum stability, large flow, and exhaust capabilities to support even the most challenging environments. Our pneumatic relays are designed to provide cost-effective, high-performance air regulation across a variety of applications in support of diverse market requirements.

Why Choose Bellofram Precision Controls

Engineering superior solutions is our business.

Whether the need is to increase safety, productivity, reliability, or all of these, we create products that fit your space, do what you need them to do, and perform for long periods of time with no need for further attention. Historically, our products are so reliable, you’ll rarely have to give them a second thought after purchase and installation. This level of peace of mind just may be the ultimate product we sell.

Products that
outlast the competition.

We hear it all the time from satisfied customers: They can install a Bellofram Precision Control product and ... simply forget about it, confident that it will perform its job with superior performance and reliability. Because most products are designed specifically for their final applications, made to fit and function perfectly.


Longevity is the most powerful statement there is about quality. We’ve been the leader in process controls since 1957.

We've lasted because our tenured staff of the brightest engineering and manufacturing minds is continually seeking new solutions to improve the speed, accuracy, and reliability of process controls.

Whether it's food processing, paper and textile, general industrial, automotive, aerospace, waste water treatment, petrochemical, or medical equipment manufacturing, customers rely on us for solutions that are tested by time and ready for the future.

Installing Bellofram regulators, controls, transducers, and cylinders, they will provide years of trouble-free operation. Because they're products that last, made by an experienced company that has lasted, too.