Type 92 Subminiature Regulators

Type 92 Subminiature Regulators from Bellofram PCD are compact, low-cost units which operate in pressure ranges up to 100 psi, with a maximum supply pressure of 150 psi. It provides dependable reliability and accuracy for low flow or dead end applications. 

With the new Type 92, Marsh Bellofram has created a subminiature regulator with a true rolling diaphragm design. Most subminiature regulators utilize a flat diaphragm. In this small of a regulator, such a design causes excessive droop and low stability. By utilizing a larger diameter rolling diaphragm, the Type 92 regulator offers a more sensitive regulator with excellent stability and significantly less droop. The Type 92 subminiature regulator is available with a corrosion resistant anodized aluminum body and bonnet. It also comes standard with a fluorocarbon diaphragm.

These regulators are idea for use in applications with limited space and for low flow or dead end service. Their small package size and lightweight construction allow for ease of installation.  Both standard and low bleed versions are available. They are self-relieving and offer excellent stability and repeatability.

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  • Designed for applications with limited space and for low flow or dead end service
  • Small package size and lightweight construction
  • Standard or low bleed versions available
  • Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum exterior
  • Excellent stability and repeatability
  • Self relieving
  • Low cost
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