Type 70 High-Flow Air Pressure Regulator

The Marsh Bellofram Type 70 High-Flow Air Pressure Regulator is expressly designed for applications requiring substantial flow capacity of up to 80 SCFM (2250 LPM) and accurate pressure controls. Downstream pressure can be set within 0.25 in. (6.3mm) of water column and is accurately maintained under varying conditions via an aspirator tube which adjusts air supply in accordance with flow velocity. A balanced supply valve, utilizing a patented Bellofram rolling diaphragm design, makes the regulator virtually immune to changes in supply pressure, and offers millions of cycles.

The Type 70 features a rugged, precision die-cast aluminum housing, and is pressure-tested and chromate-treated for internal corrosion resistance. The regulator housing is finished with vinyl paint which resists scratching, weathering and other physical abuse.



  • High Flow Capacity – Up to 80 SCFM (2266 LPM)
  • Responds Quickly to Minute Changes in Downstream Pressure
  • Dampening Action of Aspirator Tube Maintains Downstream Pressure
  • Honking & Buzzing Eliminated By Action of Integral Baffle and Aspirator Tube
  • Stack-up Construction Can Be Disassembled & Serviced without Removal from Air Line
  • Optional Versions Include: Non-Relieving, Corrosive Resistant Epoxy Finish, Tapped Vent, Mounting Brackets, Pressure Gauge, Low Bleed, Check Valve


  • Large Flow Actuation
  • High-flow Louvers
  • Rollers and Winders
  • High-flow Control Loops
  • Calibration Loops
  • Any OEM or Industrial Pressure Regulator Application Where a High Degree of Accuracy is Required
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