Type 51 High-Performance Low-Cost Precision Air Regulator

Type 51 High-Performance Low-Cost Precision Air Regulator offers a high-performance in a compact, low-cost package, offering output pressure ranges to 100 psig; 6.9 BAR (120 psig; 8.3 BAR in T-51FR Corrosive Tec & T51FRWT).

Maximum supply pressure is 250 psi (17.3 BAR). Materials of construction for standard Type 51 Series Regulators: Die cast aluminum for the body and dripwell; glass-reinforced thermoplastic polyester for the bonnet; acetal resin for the internals; BUNA-N for the diaphragm, gaskets and O-ring, fluorocarbon for the pintle seat, and aluminum for the drain valve (plated steel handle).

Materials of construction for Corrosive Tec Type 51FRCT: Aluminum alloy bonnet, body, and filter bowl, 316 stainless steel internals, Inconel alloy range spring, nitrile diaphragm (fluorocarbon optional), 316 stainless steel valve assemblies, and finished with epoxy paint. All metallic parts for this unit conform to NACE material requirements #MR-01-75.

These regulators are available standard (Type 51R) or as filter-regulators (Type 51FR, Type 51FRCT & Type 51FRWT) and are even available with an automatic drain, for automated flushing out of contaminants (Type 51 AFR). These versatile regulators provide excellent regulation for a wide range of applications, including pneumatic instruments, controllers, chucks, and actuators. They can be through-panel mounted with the supplied mounting nut, bracket-mounted with the optional bracket or, due to their light weight, mounted by their ports. The Corrosive Tec is supplied with a tapped bonnet vent, to allow for the capture of exhaust air. See also Type 51SS.



  • Excellent regulation, stability and repeatability
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
    (no brass components, Type 51FR & Type 51AFR)
  • NACE Constructed (Type 51FRCT Corrosive Tec)
  • Wide Temperature Range model designed to work between -40º and +185º F (T51FRWT)
  • Fluorocarbon pintle seat (Type 51FR, Type 51AFR & Type 51FRCT)
  • Auto drain option (Type 51AFR)
  • Low Droop
  • Small package size
  • Panel, bracket or pipe mounting
  • Meets ATEX EXii 2 G Dc T 6 (Non-electrical certification)
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