Type 3510 and Type 3520 Digital Enclosure Regulators

Marsh Bellofram Type 3510 single and Type 3520 double loop electro-pneumatic servo pressure controllers combine the advantages of reliable solenoid valves and digital control, housed in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure.  Available with a local keypad programming option or RS-485 digital communications for PLC or PC control, these precision controllers allow the user the ability to set and extract data directly from the transducer with a PC or automation system, making for some of the most precise, accurate, and reliable devices available on the market. With a forward flow of 1.25 SCFM at 100 psi, Types 3510 and 3520 can be used alone for many applications or combined with a volume booster for flows in excess of 2,000 SCFM.  Various pressure output ranges are available from 29″ Hg vacuum to 600 psig. Standard accuracy is ±0.5% full scale or better. Enhanced accuracy version is ±0.25% full scale or better. A four-digit display of the output pressure is available with the keypad model.



  • Digital display
  • Serial or DeviceNet interface
  • Digital or analog inputs
  • Analog monitor output
  • Single- and dual-loop control
  • Forward flow 1.25 SCFM at 100 psi
  • Weatherproof housing


  • Gripper Control
  • Welding Operations
  • Actuator Control
  • Machinery Automation
  • Precision Robotics
  • Tire Production & Testing
  • Web Tension
  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • Molding & Forming Operations
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