Type 3215 Weatherproof Regulator with Super High Flow

The Type 3215 Weatherproof Regulator with Super High Flow utilizes reliable, quick-firing solenoids, an on-board pressure sensor, and a precision 180 scfm booster to achieve excellent accuracy and stability. There are many custom output ranges between 0 and 150 psig (1.0 MPa). The T3215 is CE-rated, weatherproof, and vibration-resistant. Analog electrical connections include control and monitor output. Mounting options include in-line and panel.

The T3215 is available with or without pressure monitor and logic outputs (6-pin or 4-pin micro connector, respectively). The T3215 is also available with a 6-pin DIN 43650 connector. Differential inputs mean problem-free integration with PLC grounding systems.



  • Single Unit–Integrated Controller & Booster
  • Very High Flow Volume Booster–Greater than 200 SCFM
  • High Accuracy Control of Air Pressure
  • Low Air consumption
  • Weatherproof Housing
  • Shock Resistant, Position Insensitive
  • CE Approved
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