Type 3211 and Type 3221 Analog Enclosure Regulators

Type 3211 single-loop and Type 3221 are double-loop pressure controllers which offer non-bleeding solenoid valve technology with an integral flow booster. This produces forward flows that are equivalent to standard industrial electronic regulators or I/P converters within a rugged, waterproof enclosure. The Type 3211/3221 is available in pressure ranges up to 150 psi, with analog output pressure monitoring via 0-10 VDC signal and logic monitor output of solenoid valves.  A built-in air volume booster provides for a forward flow of up to 19 SCFM and a reverse flow (exhaust) of up to 7 SCFM. The double loop (3221) option permits 0-10 VDC feedback from a remote sensor.  Users can order custom configured standard models with such parameters as the number of power loops, logic output, analog control signal, pressure units of measure, supply and output ports and accessories to suit individual application requirements.

These analog enclosure regulators are ideal for automotive machinery, robotics control, web tension control, tire manufacturing and testing, torque control, molding and forming operations, and paint spray applications.

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  • Waterproof enclosure
  • User-selectable input signal
  • Analog monitor output
  • Single- and dual-loop control
  • 14.0 SCFM flow rate


  • Automotive Machinery
  • Robotics Control
  • Web Tension Control
  • Tire Manufacturing & Testing
  • Torque Control
  • Molding & Forming Operations
  • Paint Spray
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